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The Pentagon Channel becomes DoD News

On July 8, 2014, The Pentagon Channel will become DoD News.

The new DoD News Channel will provide up-to-date news and information 24/7 that covers and chronicles the most important and relevant issues in the Defense Department on any given day.

The Channel provides an outlet for the most senior leaders in the department to communicate directly with the United States Military and the American public on defense related matters and policy. The Channel will continue to originate from DMA headquarters at Ft. Meade, Maryland and in the near future will be supported around the clock by DoD News Bureaus to carry on the global conversation.

DoD News Channel will continue to provide all the quality programming its audience has come to expect and appreciate including live leadership briefings, congressional hearings and similar news events.

DoD News is carried on Antietam Cable channel 144 and is available in our Variety Plus package.

Bio Channel to Rebrand to fyi

The bio. channel is rebranding to the fyi, channel on July 8, 2014. If you are a digital subscriber, you will notice the Video On Demand services will be changed from bio. to fyi on June 24th. The VOD folder will feature a sampling of full-length episodes of approximately 6 new fyi, series! The VOD folder will be available in high definition and standard definition. Tune to channel 1 to get started, or press the VOD button on your remote, then select the “TV Entertainment” folder.

The rebranded channel will be available in standard definition on channel number 116 and high definition on channel number 529 on July 8th.

Please note — you must subscribe to a video package that includes a network in order to access that network in HD Gateway service and to receive it with On Demand services. Must have an HD digital cable converter and HDTV set to view channels in high definition. Available in Antietam Cable serviceable areas only.

Antietam Cable Partners with WCPS

Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) is pleased to announce a partnership with Antietam Cable Television, Inc. that will bring discounted Internet service to WCPS students and their families who currently do not have Internet service.

Antietam Cable approached WCPS with an offer to make its Broadband Internet service available at the discounted price of $15.00 per month to up to 1,000 families of WCPS students who do not currently have Broadband Internet service in the home. Antietam Cable will provide free service installation, and will also donate $10,000 in free modems for the project. The specially priced Internet service will continue to be available throughout the Summer break period and is not restricted solely to the months that school is in session. The program is scheduled to run for a two year trial period.

"Broadband Internet access is critical to learning and development and we see clear disparity in the use of Broadband Internet in varying parts of Washington County even though access is readily available," says Brian Lynch, President of Antietam Cable. " WCPS students clearly benefit from the advantage of having Broadband access at home for research and educational development. As both a local company with strong ties to the community and the largest Broadband Internet provider in Washington County, we want to aid WCPS families by offering a very low cost solution to help bridge this gap and contribute positively to a student's overall development."

To qualify for the program, families must reside within Antietam Cable's service area, have a student residing in the home who attends Washington County Public Schools, and have not had Internet service with Antietam within the past year. For complete details and to participate in the program, contact: (need information)

Antietam Cable's donation amounts to over $500,000 in free or reduced cost service and equipment to WCPS families over the two year trial that the cooperative project will run.

CLICK HERE to read the article in the Herald-Mail.

Antietam Protection Plan Available Now!

Every day thousands of new viruses and malicious threats are released into networks across the world. Viruses, keyloggers, Trojans, rootkits, the list is endless.

Antietam Cable is proud to introduce a multi-tiered solution with Internet Security including: SecureIT plus Antivirus, FileHopper plus cloud storage, Password Genie data protection, and Wire Rx wire security.

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Antietam2Go Now Available!

Antietam Cable is pleased to announce another exciting innovation – Antietam2Go!

Antietam2Go lets you watch TV shows on your computer or portable device – laptop…tablet…smart phone.

Watch what you want, when you want, where you want – from the most popular networks on television!

Power Antietam2Go with Antietam High Speed Internet for the perfect entertainment combo!

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It’s TV your way with Antietam2Go - free with your TV subscription! Thank you for being an Antietam Cable customer!

Faster Internet Speeds - More Choices!

NOW AVAILABLE from Antietam Cable!


Residential speeds up to 50Mbps!
Business speeds up to 100Mbps!

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Antietam Cable – Washington County’s #1 Internet provider- keeping you up to speed!


100+ HD channels now available from Antietam Cable…

We have added 8 additional HD networks now totaling OVER 100 networks in stunning high definition for your viewing pleasure!

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Antietam Cable – we bring the world to your home…in high definition!

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