Washington County Gigabit Project: Phase One


Hagerstown is Now a Gigabit City

Antietam Cable has made a $3 Million dollar private capital investment in Washington County to build a Gigabit Broadband Fiber-to- the-premises network to more than 6,000 homes and businesses in the Hagerstown City Center area. Phase One is now complete!

Supporting Growth and Prosperity

Brian Lynch, President of Antietam Cable said, "Investing in the City of Hagerstown is an investment in the overall economic health of Washington County as well. This investment purposely covers business and residential properties to allow for and foster both private and public revitalization and development interests in both segments. We look forward to leveraging this investment with the City to promote new business growth, speed development of those current businesses already invested in the downtown and to be another benefit in revitalizing the neighborhood fabric and overall home ownership adoption in the City."

This investment makes Hagerstown the first privately funded Gigabit City in Maryland and is Phase One of a broader project. Antietam intends to expand its Gigabit Broadband Internet service to other parts of Washington County in the near future.

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Phase One Coverage Area

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