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Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

DVRs are EASY to use! With a touch of a button you can:

Digital Video Recorder

  • Record your favorite programs without tapes or timers, up to 120 hours of standard digital TV or up to 30 hours of HDTV;
  • Pause and rewind live TV - create your own instant replays;
  • Schedule to record a whole season of your favorite show with your DVR right from your programming guide;
  • Record up to two shows at a time while you watch a third program you recorded previously;
  • You can even record shows in full High-Definition!

A Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, lets Antietam Digital Cable customers record television programs directly onto a hard drive inside the cable box. No tapes, no timers, no VCR. You can play your stored programs as often as you like!

CLICK HERE to download a manual with complete operating instructions.

CLICK HERE to watch a demo on the DVR functions.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the actual DVR terminal on our equipment page.


With Antietam Cable's multi-room, whole house DVR you can watch, record, and delete programs on your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) from any room in your home!  You can also use the powerful new book marking capabilities which allow you to resume watching the same program in another room from exactly where you left off!  You don't just record TV... you control it with MR-DVR from Antietam Digital Cable!

CLICK HERE to download a quick start guide for multi-room DVR.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to operate a multi-room DVR.


Get DVR service* from Antietam Cable now!

DVR/HD Equipment Gateway with DVR service is just $15.92/month
Multi Room DVR/HD Equipment Gateway with DVR service is just $19.95/month**

Call 301-797-5000 or sign up now online.

*A minimum of Broadcast Basic cable service is required to receive DVR. 
**Includes DVR service and primary outlet.  Additional rooms require additional equipment which costs extra.