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Business Class Internet Service

Now your employees can access the Internet in a fraction of the time it used to take with a dial up connection. This technology is perfect for connecting with customers, branch offices, suppliers, work-from-home employees, everyone your business depends on to survive and thrive!


Here are some features you can count on with MyACTV business class service:

  • Fast speeds at a low price
  • Speeds up to 100Mbps
  • Support more employees
  • Transfer information faster
  • Manage more network demands and devices
  • Remote access to email
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team based in the U.S.
  • Wireless solutions available!

Flexible. Economical. Productive.

We have just the right level of service to fit the needs of your business at an economical price! And we have additional services such as digital phone and digital television, so all packages can be fine-tuned to fit your changing business world!  Bundle services for additional savings!

MyACTV Business Class Service Packages 2

Package Speed, up to: Monthly Price
Mega 100* 100.0M/10.0M $249.00 bundled/$269.95 a la carte
Ultra Fast 50* 50.0M / 10.0M $169.00 bundled / $189.95 a la carte
Ultra Fast 30* 30.0M / 5.0M $129.00 bundled / $149.50 a la carte
Pro 18 18.0M / 2.0M $89.00 bundled / $109.95 a la carte
Pro 10 10.0M / 1.0M $59.95 bundled / $69.95 a la carte

*IMPORTANT: MUST USE ANTIETAM CABLE PROVIDED RENTAL MODEM OR YOU MUST PURCHASE AN APPROVED MODEM FOR ULTRA FAST AND MEGA SERVICES.  Approved customer purchased modems include:  Motorola Surfboard SB6141 (wired), Motorola SB6180 (wired), or Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 (wireless).


  • Pricing includes up to 15 email boxes (myactv.net) with 1G storage each.
  • 1 static IP address included with each service level, available upon request.


Additional Services:

2 static IP addresses: $6.95 per month
4 static IP addresses: $10 per month
8 static IP addresses: $16.95 per month
16 static IP addresses: $25 per month


What speed do I need?

Pro 10 service should be fine for a small office with less than 8 simultaneous Internet users using the web for research and email.

Pro 18 service would be better if your business typically involves sending large email attachments, graphics files or reports, or sharing data with remote offices. This plan would also be a better choice if you run a web or email server, especially if you also have staff using the connection.

NEW! Mega 100, Ultra Fast 50 and 30 service levels - our ultra high speed business solutions - are perfect replacements for expensive telco circuits like T1 and T3 lines, which can cost many times more for just a fraction of the bandwidth. Available in select areas.  Call for more details.

In short, more staff or more bandwidth-hungry applications, such as video streaming, web meetings or conferencing, remote database applications and so forth would benefit from a higher plan.

Our professional sales staff will help you find the fit that's right for you. Contact our Business Services Division now for a free customized quote.  Call 240-420-3679 or click here to contact us online.

If you find that the level of service you have is too slow, just give us a call and we can upgrade your service. There would be no need to send a technician to your facility, and no charge to upgrade!

1 30 day money back guarantee applies to service charges only. Installation charges not included.

2 Connection Speeds shown in megabits per second. Actual speeds will vary depending on Internet congestion, the speed of one particular web site over another, the number and type of applications running, the number of users sharing a connection, local wiring and equipment at your location, and many other factors. Please review our Acceptable Use Policy for complete details on our terms of service.