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Meet Our Producers

Trust. That's one of the most important elements in any successful relationship. We at Antietam Cable Productions realize that our client's entrust us with more than just the production of an ad, you are trusting us with the image and reputation of your business - a business that many of you have spent a lifetime to build.

As a client, you deserve to know something about the people who are going to be partners in your success. After all, you don't hire an employee without first seeing a resume. You deserve to know the level of training and commitment each of our producers has to their profession and to you.

We are very, very proud of our team! Our skilled professionals are our greatest strength. They can be yours, too.

Wesley Decker
Production Supervisor


Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Mass Communications Wes was hired by Antietam Cable Television in 1992. He began his career with the company by editing commercial tapes. As technology advanced, his job turned into digitally encoding all commercials onto a computer hard drive for placement on our cable networks. At the same time, he became involved in field production and copy writing. Wes also appears as the commentator of various sporting events covered by Antietam Cable TV. Wes was promoted to Production Supervisor in 1997. In his spare time, Wes works as a disc jockey at area radio stations.


"To me, there is a common thread that runs through all Antietam Cable Television productions. No matter the client, the product, or the message, our mission is to create a vision - based on information learned from the client, statistics, research, observation, and the client's customers - that will not only be something "cool" to watch, but will be something on which people will act. That is our recurring challenge: to turn knowledge into a vision that will impact the client's business in a positive manner."

David Dull
Producer and Computer Animation Artist


Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Mass Communications David has been with Antietam Cable Television since 1991. Prior to that, he acted as communications intern with Antietam Cable. He has been involved with all aspects of television production, from writing and producing to directing and editing. David is also a talented CGI (computer generated imagery) artist. Examples of his work can be seen on this web site at the 3-D Animation section. In his spare time, David teaches credit courses for Hagerstown Junior College in Intro and Advanced Television Production, and Computer Graphics. He also teaches noncredit special interest courses. David also owns his own videography business, specializing in wedding videos, called d&a video.


"I believe our computer animation and graphics capabilities gives Regional Cable Network and it's clients an important edge in this highly competitive market!"

Jim Turner


Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mass Communications Jim is the latest addition to our team. He was granted a full time position in 1996. Jim had interned with Antietam while attending Hagerstown Junior College, and had continued working with us on a part-time basis as he completed his Bachelor's Degree. Upon graduating, Jim worked as a freelance grip with Spicer Productions in Baltimore where he gained experience with all formats of video as well as 16mm and 35mm film. Many of the productions he worked on were for national corporations and involved hundreds of people in the cast and crew.


"As a producer for Antietam Cable, I get to know my clients and their needs. From script development to post production, I see that the finished product is one that is in the best interest of the client and his/her business. No other production facility in the area can offer this type of full service. My personal philosophy is to do spots that not only sell a product, but create or support an image. Proper portrayal of a client is what I strive to portray in a commercial."