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Corporate Videos

The corporate video presentation
A Powerful Tool for the Advancement of your Company


Communications is vital in business and industry. Video communicates!

The corporate applications of video are numerous:

  • sales presentations
  • seminars
  • employee training
  • public relations
  • infomercials

Think of the impact! Don't just tell a customer about your product - SHOW your customer the product being used in numerous examples, settings and applications. Through the use of video, you can do so from the comfort of your store or office, or air the video on Antietam Cable Television and reach your customers in the comfort of their homes!

Consider the money you'll save by training employees through video presentations! No travel costs. No inconvenience. Your employees view the tapes at times that are convenient for you, and the tapes will always be there for new employees. For about the cost of sending one employee away on a single training trip, you could have your own custom-made video available for all employees to view many times.

Many companies have enhanced public relations with image building video programs. The creative and cost-saving potential of video is incredible!


Corporate videos vary in length, depending on their application and audience. Some that are used in-store or during product shows can be as short as two minutes. Others, done in the form of a documentary or how-to program to air on TV, can be a half hour or longer.


Here's the best news of all! You don't have to be a national organization to take advantage of the benefits of video!

Antietam Cable Productions will keep the cost within your control. We specialize in producing professional, effective presentations geared to your budget.

No obligation!

Increase profits, save money, and strengthen your positive image through a medium that works at a price you can afford!

Contact us for a free, no obligation pre-production meeting. See the many examples of our award-winning productions for numerous businesses in our area! We'll discuss your goals and objectives, and answer your questions.