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We at Antietam Cable Productions are proud to offer our national-award winning production services to area businesses. We are at your service for video and audio commercials, special events coverage, training videos, and a number of other business applications. Our fully-equipped operation is designed to deliver professional results at realistic prices. Our staff mixes real-world experience with imagination and thoughtful insight to deliver the finest product possible. After all, we realize that every production not only reflects an image of our client, but of us as well!

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Your television commercial

A contract for cable television advertising will give you the air time placement on the most effective network(s) to reach your target market.

What you fill that time with is critically important!

Your television commercial must do its job: help you increase your profit margin while projecting the appropriate image for your business.

We produce effective, attention getting television commercials that communicate your message and yield maximum results.

Here's how:

The Script

The first thing the producer in charge of your commercial will do is research your business. In order to create an effective ad, we must completely understand:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What things are important to your target audience?
  • What is the competitive advantage of your business?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What image would you like your ad to project?

We realize that an ad must be creative in its approach in order to hold the viewer's attention. But creativity alone isn't enough! The ad must be creative AND deliver a compelling message to the audience - one that motivates them to respond favorably to your business. Once we understand the complexities of your business and its competitive environment, we will develop a script for your approval.

The Ad Shoot

If this is the first time that you've had a TV commercial created for your business, you may have a few questions about what to expect on the day that we arrive to videotape it.

Here are some answers:

  • Our remote production crew consists of 2 - 3 trained professionals.
  • The portable television equipment required for the job includes a camera/recorder, lights, TV monitor, and microphones.
  • The average length of time needed to videotape the footage for a :30 second commercial is two hours. This is subject to change, depending on the length and unique specifications of your ad.

How to Prepare

Seldom do we require any drastic changes on your part in order to provide us with an adequate work area. Here are some points to keep in mind that will make the "video shoot" run as efficiently as possible:

  • If you would like a location shot of your business, please clear any movable obstacles from the front of your building.
  • Please provide access to power outlets.
  • Make sure your featured products are attractively arranged.


Once your commercial has been shot, the raw footage is then edited together into the finished product.

Here's what happens:

  • The raw footage tapes are reviewed by the editor to find the perfect "takes" for inclusion in your commercial.
  • If there is a voice over narration, it is recorded onto an audio track of your commercial tape.
  • Appropriate music is added. Our music library consists of thousands of selections categorized according to musical genre. (e.g., rock, country, classical, etc.) All music is performed with actual instruments and recorded digitally. Antietam Cable has bought the rights for the music, so there will be no copyright infringement issues.
  • The video takes are arranged and timed into the proper order. Video effects, graphics, character generation is added.
  • Sound effects are added.

You can be as involved in the making of your commercial as you care to be. If you want to sit in on the editing session, we will be happy to arrange for a time for you to do so. Otherwise, your account representative will bring a video tape and player to your office, at your convenience, so you can see your commercial prior to its debut.

Digitally Inserting Your Commercial On A Network

Your commercial will be inserted on the cable network(s) of your choice in accordance with your contract. Here's how we do it:

  • Your commercial is stored on a massive computer hard drive at our control center.
  • Each commercial is given its own unique identification code so the computer can identify it.
  • The computer is programmed to run your commercial on the networks you want at the times you want.
  • The national cable networks send inaudible tones to trigger the insertion of commercials locally.
  • Our computer receives the tones and inserts your commercial.

Since all insertion is done digitally, you can be assured of the highest video and audio quality possible!