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Current Trends

Cable zeroes in on geographic areas.

Since Antietam Cable Advertising operates within our communities, you can present your advertising message without paying to reach people outside your target marketing area.

Cable targets specific audiences.

Cable offers a wide variety of programming for specific audiences and interests. You can select networks that reach your best potential customers.

Cable audiences are upscale.

Viewers in cable households are above average in income, better educated, with larger families.

Cable viewers have greater purchasing power.

The cable viewer is above average in income and tends to purchase more major appliances, new cars, and have overall, more spendable income.

Cable viewers watch more television.

On average, cable viewers watch one additional hour per day than non-cable viewers because there is so much more programming available targeted to individual interest.

Cable advertising is cost efficient.

It enables advertisers who cannot afford traditional television to take advantage of video's sight/sound/creative aspects.

Cable offers greater frequency of exposure.

With cable's cost efficiency, you can afford to have your commercials seen throughout the day, including prime time, reaching larger audiences with greater impact.