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About Us

Antietam Cable, a privately owned corporation, was founded in 1966. Antietam Cable provides cable television and high speed Internet services to residents and businesses in Washington County, MD with offices in Hagerstown, MD.

The mission of Antietam Cable Television is to:

  • enhance the lives of our customers on a daily basis by providing the latest telecommunication services that entertain, inform, and educate,
  • support our customer's needs by maintaining the highest standards of excellence in customer care and world-class technical assistance,
  • protect our community by maintaining an Emergency Alert System state-of-the-art communications network,
  • create an environment that challenges, nurtures, and rewards each individual employee through training, education and recognition,
  • connect our community to the world, assuring that our current customers and future generations never fall behind other communities or nations due to a lack of access to current cable broadband technology.

For further information on our commitment to our customers and our local community:

This cable system is an equal employment opportunity employer/contractor. The system makes all reasonable good faith efforts to conduct broad and inclusive recruitment when it has job openings and welcomes all qualified applicants to apply for job openings at the system. Any organization that wishes to qualify as a Referral Organization (to refer qualified applicants for employment at this cable system) should contact the cable system in writing, giving the organization's mailing address, e-mail address (if any), telephone number and contact person and stating what kinds of vacancies it is interested in. The system will notify qualified Referral Organizations of employment opportunities at this cable system in accordance with their request. The system will give fair consideration to all job applicants, and will not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin or age. Pre-employment drug screening required. NO PHONE CALLS.

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